The Artist's Road

The Artist's Road

JD Fernandez

Designer | Artist | Entrepreneur

JD Fernandez grew up in a small Idaho farm town, where he learned to appreciate the beauty of nature. He graduated from the classical school "St Ambrose High School", now called simply "The Ambrose School". He attended Boise State for one semester via the Jump Start Program before transferring to College of Idaho for a year, and then finishing his degree in English from University of Idaho.

After working as a designer for his high school and college newspapers alike, he decided to try his hand a freelancing, and has made a humble living doing so for over 5 years since earning his degree in English.

Since then, JD has been able to travel the world and experience the art and culture of countless countries and ethnicities. Building on a background in technology and freelancing in the software industry, JD Fernandez currently plans on expanding his businesses and publishing in a variety of industries.